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The New Technology-Enabled Dental Office

The smart Dental office deploys networked information systems to augment traditional healthcare delivery. Front front office to clinical treatment room, patient treatment is guided by the seamless inter-operabilities of information and clinical systems. Ukiah Dentistry is on the forefront oflinking Patient Informatics and Analytics to Diagnosis and Treatment regimens.

What it means to you!
We combine traditional Dental best-practices with cutting-edge technology to deliver clinical excellance while providing affordabiltiy and value for our patient family.

Combining Clinical Care with Business Sense
By incorporating technology, process rationalization, and superior staff performance, we are able to streamline, simplify, and automate our administrative and clinical procedures. This allows for the reduction or elimination of non-value added activities, improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and reduces overhead waste and redundancies.

What this means is that precious resources (time and money) are allocated to where they are best served: providing direct patient care to you, our patient.