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First Visit

Important Notice to Our Patients Regarding Delta Dental USA and Delta HMO/DHMO Plans

Delta Care USA, and other Delta Dental HMO policies will no longer be accepted at Ukiah Dental effective June 1, 2024. Ukiah Dental will continue to accept all Delta PPO plans. If you wish to continue Dental Care at Ukiah Dental to receive exemplary dental services, please be mindful of the following:

  1. You may be eligible to change your plan from Delta HMO to Delta PPO; Please contact Delta Dental, and they can provide alternative options of Delta PPO policies of your choice.
  2. All Dental Insurance and out-of-network provider plans are still welcome. Please be aware of the policy coverage of your Dental Insurance or Dental Plan. If you have signed up for an HMO or non-Delta PPO, please check with your plan administrator to determine if your plan covers non-network provider visits.
  3. “Insurance co-payments” and “out-of-network fees-for-services” are required at time services are rendered.
  4. We STRONGLY recommend you continue your maintenance recall cleanings and exams with our office irrespective of possessing any Dental Coverage in order to circumvent avoidable problems and the expenses and inconvenience they may incur. Prevention, early detection, and immediate intervention is your best Dental Health strategy, and our office is dedicated to this approach.

We understand how beneficial dental insurance and plans can be when it comes to affording dental care, which is why we are an insurance-friendly practice. We will do our best to maximize your benefits while helping you take advantage of your policy each time you visit. Yet, if you are unable to secure a policy or plan, we will make all efforts to ensure your needed care is delivered in an expedient, professional. caring, and affordable manner.

Pre-Appointment Preparation

We request all new patients register online at your convenience. Electronic forms are found on our website under the registration tab. Just click the “Get Started” button below to complete your Ukiah Dental patient registration intake process online, from any device. If you are unable to perform this function online, please arrive 30-45 minutes early prior to your initial visit to manually fill out all registration forms.

Online Registration

First Visit

EXAMINATION: A thorough clinical exam will be performed including vital signs measurement, diagnostic findings, charting, intra- & extra-oral photographs and other diagnostic tests and measurements.

X-RAYS: A full mouth X-Ray set will be taken, unless current radiographs are available.

CONSULTATION: A consultation with the Doctor will be scheduled to discuss diagnostic findings and to present treatment plan options with you. Fees and payment options will also be discussed at that time. Scheduling for dental services may then be undertaken.

Subsequent Visits

CLEANING: Our hygienists will perform a periodontal assessment followed by a through prophylaxis. If moderate to advanced periodontal disease presents itself, an initial scaling will be undertaken, with follow-up treatment discussed. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled visit in order to start in a timely manner.

DENTAL SERVICES AND TREATMENT: Dental treatment according to plans discussed, approved, and scheduled during your initial examination will be performed.

*Please review your plan’s guidelines, coverage limits, and fee schedule so you have a full understanding of the extent of your costs, coverage, limitations, exclusions, waiting periods, and deductibles. Insurance co-payments” and “out-of-network fees-for-services” are required at time services are rendered.